Mar 1, 2013

McClelland Gallery, Fed Square.... home at last

So much has been happening lately that I neglected to post pictures of Sara Delaney - a head of her time in her new garden setting here at the Cowwarr Art Space. She looks happy that she's not still travelling around the place. 

She's been the test bed for many of my recent ideas, especially those to do with making sculpture that relates to people instead of buildings or spaces, the theory seems to have a lot to do with how it makes contact with the ground - if a sculpture is bolted down hard on a solid plinth it becomes part of the built environment - if its got plenty of air under it seems to join in with all the temporary things that people bring into a place. 

It also becomes a nice sustainability metaphor in that it goes out of its way to have the very smallest footprint or contact with the ground, and, by inference, is going to cause minimal inconvenience to anything that shares the environment with it. It even becomes excitingly democratic because instead of dominating the environment, as many/most sculptures do, it just lets everything be itself and do its own thing.

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