Feb 8, 2013

Muse meets Museum

Exactly a week ago today my latest exhibition, Museum opened at the Gippsland Art Gallery in Sale - and what with having to be constantly vigilant watching out for the huge, nearly 80,000 hectare, fire that wanders at will around in the mountains near us I've almost forgotten that my exhibition was on at all. The wretched arsonist that lit 4 fires in the town the other day didn't help either.

So I'm indulging myself today by concentrating on my memories rather than the fires. This show could have backfired badly, we'd bumped the drama up to pretty high levels in the way we displayed it and if the actual sculptures weren't quite good enough the whole thing could have fallen flat. 

Iris Bendor, the muse/model flew in from Alice Springs for the book launch and to see for the first time what I'd done to her! Just imagine having 7 different stone versions of you all staring at you at the same time - it could have been a pretty emotional moment for her or worse it could have made her quite angry, but fortunately, no, it didn't happen.

During dinner, however, she did tell me about a most unexpected experience she had while sitting in amongst her lookalikes. They became the women in her family and all had a nice little chat!

All photos are of "Flying Mountain-i"

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