Aug 21, 2015

Wine Women & Wingadal

What an interesting week: first I receive a copy of this very handsome book, Wingadal The John Symond Collection, written by Elizabeth Hastings, here's my 2002 marble and aluminium work, Art over Modern Art - more over less with a double page spread to itself. It's also fascinating being reminded of comments people have written about you quite some years ago; the text includes this from John McDonald ".... When Murray-White places a large stylised stone head upon a modular aluminium plinth he is telescoping the entire history of sculpture into one simple juxtaposition. In a glance we travel from Mesopotamia to Minimalism." Ah yes - that art over modern Art preoccupation/theme is still there!

Changing the topic completely: This week I also helped my friends out from Narkoojee winery, Val and Harry Friend, by taking a few pictures of their latest stunning offerings, above the medal winning selection, below a collage of the complete set.I can feel a thirst coming on..... right now!

"Aphrodite" shown in the top photo, from last year's Walking Women - Standing Monash exhibition now comes with 2 plinths, one bronze and granite and the other my Alberto Giacometti inspired scaffolding walking person just like the one below. Art over Modern Art alive and well.

Soon all the walking women will have mix and match, two for the price of one, swapable, transformer stands.

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