Jul 12, 2014

Bet on the Archibald Prize online with Tom Waterhouse

I don't know what made me think of doing a Google search to see if you could bet on the Archibald Prize but I discovered you can with Tom Waterhouse. Personally I think there should be a lot more gambling on art competitions and a flutter on the Archy should be as common as one on the Melbourne Cup.It adds a layer of objectivity and possibly transparency to whole art game that is probably much needed.

The odds are amazing - currently Zoe Young with "Tora Bright" is heading the betting at $9.00, not bad for the favourite eh? But I wouldn't be putting my money there. Far better value with these.

Mike Barnard - Title: You beautiful fighter - paying $26 - out of the crop of "pale and interesting" style portraits included in this year's field this one looks the winner to me - interesting, mysterious and a touch of magic.

Natasha Bieniek -Title: Isola - paying $21- well pedigreed artist, interesting and arresting pic and just has something about it that may appeal to the judges.

Carla Fletcher -Title: Dan Sultan - paying $14 - so, well backed already, my pick of the bunch of works with an indigenous component. An artistically sophisticated work, definitely worth considering.

Juan Ford -Title: Channelling WC Piguenit, startled by a spectacular sunset viewed through a canopy - paying $31 - can't see why this one isn't up there with the front runners. Juan Ford is about as hot as artists get these days, good painting, interesting treatment of the portrait genre maybe a little out there for the judges but! Could argue that too little of the face is revealed but at that price worth a serious look.

Dapeng Liu -Title: Portrait of Cao Yin on blue-and-green landscape - paying $51 - by far the best of this year's Asian contingent, a very clever melding of East meets West, perfectly executed and seems deeply felt, some magic - at that price you'd be nuts not to consider it.

Heidi Yardley -Title: Julia deVille - paying $41 - very well pedigreed artist, pretty accomplished work, best of its type in this year's field, nicely priced, not really my cup of tea but must consider.

Sophia Hewson -Title: Artist kisses subject - paying $31 - Hot up and coming artist, seriously clever picture, well resolved, very original, touch of wit, nicely controversial, double portrait never easy, my pick! Judges may find it a little too much with pastel frame and all - but it would do the comp good if this one won!

Just a note: Signing up to Tom Waterhouse (https://www.tomwaterhouse.com/special-events/8220333/d/2014-archibald-winner-to-view-images-www-artgall) for a bet on the Archy does seem a little complicated but worth it!! Gamble responsibly. 

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