Mar 1, 2014

iris goes to America

i-luru's evolution has been pretty well covered in this blog but I reckon she needs a bit of a send-off, she's on her way to Washington DC to live in a nice home with people who like her very much. The idea for this sculpture came along when Iris, muse/model, went to live in Central Australia working as an interpreter for tour groups, so what could be more natural than finding a lump of marble that looked a bit like Uluru? 

Australia's answer to Mt Rushmore maybe! but on a more serious note, what got me excited when I started, out, was that I'd stumbled across a way that would allow me to make both portrait and landscape in the one sculpture.

Here's Iris in Central Australia - the thing about her is that she really likes to talk, so the driving force behind the expression for this sculpture was the idea that she should look as if she's just about to say something.

Just had to include my favourite photo of her, somehow even with a plastic bag over her head she still does her thing pretty well.

Here she is just moments before she was hoisted up and dragged off unceremoniously to get ready for her long flight to America. Part of the excitement for me in this sculpture is that 26 million year old hole that you can see. It was made by lava going through soft spots in the North Queensland coral reef that was transformed all that time ago. And from the perspective of a person who loves getting something for nothing, a free Henry Moore is gratefully accepted any day of the week! 

up up and away

and off she goes

last view of her in Australia - next stop USA
So there goes one of the few sculptures, that for me, has the lot


  1. I love the concept Clive.Great to have a client that clearly appreciates your work. Will you post photos of it in its new home???
    Jeff Watson

    1. Thanks Jeff - we'll have to see about photos though