Jul 25, 2012

Smokework Brisbane 1971

A touch of nostalgia! brought on by a cold, meaning I have to entertain myself because I can't go out into the studio - sorting through my draws I came across a couple of old slides of the best known of my Smokeworks, organised by the Contemporary Art Society of Queensland in 1971, top pic is the well known print, next is a slide of mine used for the cover of Art and Australia, April - June 1976 and the bottom one amuses me a little because if we didn't know what it was, it could easily be some awful disaster.

In 2006 David Pestorius was organising an ambitious exhibition for the University of Queensland Art Museum, titled, Turrbul - Jagera, in the process of researching the old Smokework he came across 2 films of it, the B&W was an ABC news film that Roy Churcher had, but for me the Brian Hatch super 8 in colour was an extremely surprising find 35 years after the event - some people must keep everything and I guess the world is better for it. So here's a couple of vintage YouTubes.

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