May 22, 2012

Studio as gallery - priceless

Just had a big group through the studio - a bus load + several cars, all from Bairnsdale, members of Probus and while I was doing my "show and tell" Carolyn was taking a few snaps, I cropped this priceless moment out of a much bigger picture. It sort of says it all, all dressed up for the outing, this lady got herself nicely covered in dust, settled-in at the end of my workbench and proceeded to "experience" the tools - given half a chance I reckon she would have happily missed lunch at the pub to spend an afternoon belting the living daylights out any lump of marble that she could have got her hands on.

Totally immersed in her activities she was blissfully unaware that she had attracted quite an audience - aren't the guys great, hands thrust deep into pockets or tightly clasped around themselves - I'm sure I can detect at least one of them with that tell-tale "I wish I had the courage to do that" look written all over his face. 

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