Aug 20, 2011

Melbourne Prize for Urban Sculpture - Soiree at the Sofitel

Soiree at the Sofitel

Tough life being a sculptor! Its not not all standing out in my freezing studio rasping knuckles against stone, on Thursday evening we spent a very pleasant time, meeting the sponsors, other competitors, judges and organisers of the Melbourne Prize for Urban Sculpture 2011 up on the 35th floor of the Sofitel - from the plate glass floor to ceiling windows we could look down on our sculpture sites in Federation Square - and - the MCG, Governent House, NGV and out into the bay - Spectacular!! Wine and nibbles were pretty good too!!

Even found time to visit my old mate Alfred Felton and spend time at the Vienna show at the NGVI.

image: Clive Murray-White - The Alfred Felton Centenary Sculpture, commissioned by the Felton Bequest. 2004

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