Mar 31, 2011

Muse abused again?

Who'd be a sculpture eh? Over the last few days Iris, pictured above, has been bashed, drilled, had stainless steel rods inserted in her, she's been glued to a massive granite slab and as if that's not enough, now she's been forced to spend the day with a plastic bag over her head.

Of course its all in a good cause - she'll be better for it - the bag over the head is just part of one of the last processes and is designed to make her look as good as possible. Explanation - many of the air powered tools can spray little droplets of oil on the marble and while you clean off any that you can see pretty much as it happens, there are bound to be some that get missed. So the sculpture gets a high class wash with a special product that can pull stains out of the stone, you paint it on, cover with plastic, leave for a few hours and then wash it again with clean water.


  1. You made me laugh today, Clive - and thank god, I'm in the middle of a blasted assignment and needed it!

    ps I'm sortof enjoying the 'plastic-bag-on-head' look :)

  2. Lovely work Clive, but the bag sends an eerie reminder of Tim Winton's excellent 'Breath' (a fab book, if you haven't read it). Cheers to you all. Ian Whiteside.