Feb 9, 2011

Iris and Janina

Iris - well the latest sculpture based on her, was allowed out of the studio for the first time yesterday, here she is doing a pretty good imitation of Foo. She came into being with Walter Burley Griffin, (the white quiff) Marion Mahony, obscured by Walt (what's new eh?) and Gammer, black in the background - seems only right that she stays with her friends until she finds her feet. Iris and the gang are on their way into the gallery - Cowwarr Art Space.

Janina Green, good friend and regular at the art space, stayed for a couple of days last week, while she was here there was a bush fire up at Licola, clearly visible from the backdeck. It does make you think - the rest of the state was under water and we had fires!

Janina doesn't seem to believe in any of your mamby-pamby hand held stuff - here she is, field camera, tripod and massive wheelie bag, snapping away at the remains of the fire. We did check with the CFA that it was OK to go up!!

What appeals to me about this picture is that it contains a fair representation of one of the definitions of Romanticism - the smallness of mankind in relation to nature.

By my way of thinking the semi adds to our understanding of Romanticism, you know a sort of contemporary Turneresque element, remember the time he strapped himself to the mast of a small ship to experience "nature"? Don't you love how the truck crosses the white line - but Janina seems oblivious to it!!!


  1. I relate to this Clive. I too ponder the nature of contemporary versions of Romanticism as I drive for endless hours along the Prince's Highway; alone in my car looking out at the elements. Towns and farms vanishing the further I drive, eventually just bush, a pleasing reversion (if only a dream). Scale is lost, the human reference the only measure often.

  2. My favourite is always, going up into the Great Dividing Range, especially where you get to look out over the mountains which look as if they go on for ever.