Nov 30, 2010

Rembrandt self-portrait with Leica M9

A friend on the Leica M9 forum (luf) sort of brought up the question of what makes Rembrandt great, the answer I posted follows......................

As for Rembrandt and what makes him great, easy answer - he invented the M9 of his day and used his Noctilux wide open - his was better than ours because it could focus on both near things and far things simultaneously and could infinitely vary the bokeh. Nice tool eh? He also had low light nailed!

But in truth those things, fabulous as they may be, aren't the half of it, top of the list in the intangible category is his ability to create something that reminds viewers of what it means to be human.

Next would be that he invented a way to show the core values of the society he lived in by democratising both subjects and composition.

In the end art is just the human expression of what it means to be alive now, and as NOW is always changing art just follows suit. Contrary to popular myth no artist has ever been ahead of their time.

A few have been deluded

And poor old Rene takes the cake - no wonder he looks so sad!

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