Mar 15, 2016


W I S H 

 when you are here

ways of wishing

Write your wishes on a fluro ribbon (pink, blue, orange or green) 
and tie it on to the fluro wishing person


Tie a fluro ribbon on to the fluro wishing person 
and wish as you do it


Write your "wish" or even just your name
on our I wish I want I need banners

Tell our staff that you’d like to participate, tell them that you’d like to write on the banners or use the ribbons. For the banners they will provide you with a silver or black marking pen. For the ribbons they’ll help you choose a colour and provide you with ball point pen (easiest to write with) or a silver or black marking pen. When writing on the ribbons the trick is to keep it taut and please try to remember to leave enough blank space at beginning of your ribbon to tie it on. Take a photo, tell your friends, come back and make another wish.

This is an evolving project with new ways of wishing being added from time to time.

Aphrodite and I wish I want I need banners

The Cowwarr Art space receives no government support 
all donations gratefully received

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