Feb 2, 2015

Task Lamp - designer's lamp

While waiting for work to start on my wrecked office I thought I'd make myself a balanced arm lamp that would actually do all the things I needed. The paper the light is standing on is 120cm wide so it is a lot bigger than most of the commercially available ones. It rotates 360 degrees without sliding it around on its base, it is stable and can be reconfigured very easily. It was made almost entirely from things I had lying around.

The Recipe: you will need

2x    Futon slats or any bits of reasonably good timber.
2x    Stone tiles, one granite - the other grey limestone. 
1x    Surplus Linhof tripod head - very handy!
1x    Length of stainless steel tube with flange attached
1x    Square block of engineered timber
1x    Length of threaded rod

A bunch of miscellaneous nuts, bolts, screws etc and some high quality epoxy adhesive.

1x    "Lamp'n Clamp"......

(available from your nearest good pet suppliers, they are used as heat lamps for reptiles and the great thing about them is that they have a heat resistant ceramic fitting for the globe. Though adequate the cable with switch installed is just a little shorter than I would have liked)


Stick, screw, bolt and clamp it all together..................and as they say "Enjoy"

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