Jun 27, 2014

Aphrodite joins Iris and the Acroliths

Former Archaic, Aphrodite, to sign with new look Acroliths

New head coach, Sir John Monash, says Aphrodite is set to take up third spot in the Acrolith's run on team, and that her experience with the Archaics should add much needed passion and guile to the already formidable cultural line-up.

We understand that Sir John is motivating the team with passages from notable US Art Professor and conceptualist Don Celender's 1974 Edition OLYMPICS OF ART (click on images for larger view)

and........he has implemented a rigorous testing regime from OBSERVATION AND SCHOLARSHIP EXAMINATION FOR ART HISTORIANS, MUSEUM DIRECTORS, ARTISTS, DEALERS AND COLLECTORS (1975 edition) some examples shown below.

On a diet of stuff like that the Acroliths will be unstoppable, all examples of Don's work were published for exhibition at the O.K. Harris Gallery NewYork and were purchased by the author in 1976.

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