Oct 29, 2013

The march of the Acroliths

"Walking-i", the figure on the left, is getting a few new acrolith companions, some will walk along with her and others will just watch. Acroliths are an interesting sculptural convention; they became popular during Roman times and are comprised of marble heads (sometimes hands and feet as well) and any old stuff for the rest of the body, most often wood and plaster.

For the Romans, who regularly recycled the sculptures of one regime to turn them into something suitable for the next, the invention of inter-changeable heads was very handy indeed! All they needed to do was whip off the head of a member of the disgraced regime, duck back into the studio and alter it to make it look a bit more like one of the new guys.

An acrolith watcher - marble and scaffolding


and yet one more

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