Jul 1, 2013

Strange bedfellows - sculpture and landscape

I've just finished this sculpture, it's about life-size, I thought I'd create a kind of contextual "walking sculpture - walking people" linkage and set it up near the Rail Trail that passes just behind the Cowwarr Art Space. 

The Rail Trail is where I and the other artists staying here often go for our contemplative perambulations and it has often made me wonder why I've thought, for most of my life, that sculpture finds it very difficult to make a convincing place for itself in almost any kind of landscape but can be quite at home in parks or gardens. Sure the scale of a horizon to horizon landscape can place a fair bit of pressure on most sculpture but that in itself doesn't seem to be the major issue here.

The revelation came while wandering along this path, recycled from railway line to be reincarnated as contemporary healthy living amenity, many of the random things that catch our eye, are, in fact, the very things that sculptors, for the past 100 years, have claimed as art. All that is missing is the curator's touch, the obligatory explanatory signage and, of course, artist's names to go near the art.

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