Mar 29, 2013

Small Town Transformations - FEEDBACK

A week or so ago we received our Expression of Interest "feedback" for Regional Art Victoria's Small Town Transformations, it was so ridiculous that I thought it didn't really warrant any extra comments from me. Not one of the criticisms levelled at our submission actually related to the published criteria. They wrongly claimed that our community engagement was "a little too Top Down" for their liking, when in actual fact the project was a straight forward accurate interpretation of our community's genuine wishes. But as I said I wasn't going to write a blog about it but then I heard of an appalling example of Regional Arts Victoria's own Top Down style of doing things.

As many of you know there have been bush fires in Victoria this summer and evidently Regional Arts Victoria has a few dollars to put towards art related projects for towns effected by the fires. Sounds fine, you could be forgiven for assuming that they would practice what they preach in "Small town Transformations" and involve themselves with community engagement, find local artists that have been affected by the fires, work up a project that actually relates to people in the district. But no, no such luck, RAV rides into a fire affected town with a ready made project of their own, no consultation at all and as if to add insult to injury they apply to a local charitable organisation for extra funding!!

A state government organisation applying to a fire damaged community for assistance - now that is truly disgraceful. 


  1. what kind of street is this, less lights..too bad, accidents happens if their are less lights..

    1. Sorry - I didn't reply earlier - but street lights are not a big feature of rural town with populations of around 200 in Australia!