Jan 19, 2013

Small town Transformation+ hot Museum !!!!

17 Jan, about 5pm we see this plume of smoke coming up from behind the ridge

17 Jan 8pm it looks like this

18 Jan 3.30am woken up by the town fire siren - fire looks like this!

Daylight and our world has been very effectively transformed

Here comes the cavalry!

Fire now 45000 hectares

Sun goes out - well nearly

All photos taken from the Cowwarr Art Space. There is something serendipitous about life, I'm working on 2 projects at the moment, Regional Arts Victoria's "Small town transformations" and preparing to move Museum to the Gippsland Art Gallery on Tuesday - opening Feb1. Check out Simon Gregg's essay for the exhibition via link in the side bar.

As a social engagement, relational aesthetics and interactive small town transformation not much could come close to a massive bushfire.

The thought of 3 years of my work going up in smoke just before the exhibition is very sobering - the thought of a unique heritage building, and all the collective memories it stands for, transformed into a charred pile......well I just don't think we should go there, do we? 

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