Dec 6, 2012

Museum gets hard cover

Museum - a dialogue between artist and muse
Iris Benedek & Clive Murray-White

Changed a few things to do with our book since the last post, see - hard cover and new design, lay out inside has changed too. I've decided to stick with the self publish, print on demand option, because this way we can do both hard and soft covers, eBook and downloadable PDF versions.

We've tried it out on a few unsuspecting souls and here are a couple of comments:

I think it’s a terrific insight into art making and life. I particularly enjoy the back and forth between artist and muse; sometimes liquid, sometimes tense, sometimes humorous and constantly engaging. JH

I did love it.... however I think there is something voyeuristic in my response. Didn't quite know what I was getting myself into, it was a bit like being a fly on the wall listening in to a conversation, a provocative and tantalising conversation, at times going from the sublime to the hilarious to the down right wacky (read ‘discussions about COOL’). I do have to say that you both write honestly and with ease. It was a pleasure to read. LW

..............and everything else to do with Museum the exhibition (Gippsland Art Gallery, Sale) is falling nicely into place.  


  1. I'll take one please! Will grab it from you when I see you early January?

    Congratulations Clive! x

    1. I might have a little stock of them but you'll be able to get them "on line" and maybe if you are around for the show opening Iris and I'll sign it for you :-)