Dec 31, 2012

Museum for sale

Who said you were supposed to take a break over the Christmas New Year period? No such luck for us this time. Getting the book ready has been pretty involved, it is on sale now and comes in hard cover with dust jacket - $US 53.95 - and as a downloadable version - $AU 10, both available on-line via the links on this page.

Yep - its got the lot, sex, drugs, rock'n'roll - a crusty old artist and a beautiful young woman chat about the meaning of art, life, death and everything in between, don't skip the chapter about a residential winter school that went nuts ........enough, enough, already - with the sales pitch...... sure its all these things but most importantly the random conversation drew out a pretty good cross section of all the ways I go about making my art.

Museum, the Cowwarr Art Space open studio, full-on social engagement version, leaves the workshop late this month to become Museum the exhibition, that runs 26 January to 24 March, official opening 1 Feb, at the Gippsland Art Gallery, Sale. Museum (the book) is an integral part of Museum (the exhibition)...... I think we might be getting one or two too many museums or is too many Sales?

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