Nov 12, 2012

a dialogue between artist and muse

In the previous post I said that THE BOOK was nearly finished - well, in a way it was, I'd sent it to a publisher and got an immediate response back saying yes, which blew me away, but then along came Myrna Kostash - - who was doing a short residency here at the Cowwarr Art Space and over the course of a few days she asked some of the questions that maybe Iris and I should have thought of some time back. "Why is the book so wide, heavy and floppy?" - "Is it a book you leave on a table or is it one that people might like to read?" - "Is it a 'dip into' kind of book or can you happily read it from front to back?" As a result of this inquisition the book has changed it's shape and size. It's even got quite a bit thicker. It may have even got a lot closer to it's original intention which was to be a dialogue between artist and muse. Thanks Myrna.

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