Sep 16, 2012

open studio - Museum news

Here's a link to Clive Murray-White open studio - Museum 

Its been an interesting month with many visitors to the studio, it has confirmed my belief in this experience. But it has thrown up a couple of quite intriguing topics, the number of people who want to see all the sculptures in a highly curated situation in a gallery have surprised me. This is going to happen early next year at the Gippsland Gallery Sale, so much of my work these days has been tuning everything up for that show, this little sculpture, no more than 20cm high, now has a biggish black marble plinth.................someone saw it from the road, 60+ metres away while driving past, screeched to a halt and came in to see what had caught their eye... I think that's amazing. Just for the record its not for sale. 

Two other sculptures will get their stands in the next week or so, I decided that instead of homogenising the exhibition by using the same stand design for all the sculptures I'd make each one quite different, an interesting challenge in itself but so far very rewarding.

So - Museum started out as a book title, a dialogue between artist and muse (really nice word for model), became an open studio interactive experience and now is roaring towards becoming a regional gallery exhibition - I'm just glad I don't plan anything - planning could never be half as exciting and is very unlikely to take you into uncharted waters so reliably!

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