Jun 3, 2012

Studio/gallery natural lighting

It's a cold and miserable day down here in Cowwarr. I'd wandered down to the studio to have a look at another couple of sculptures I'm working on but this one caught my eye. It's in a kind of limbo land, that stage when you think something could be finished but can't be sure. I'd aimed for some pretty subtle expression but even though I knew it was there I've not been able squeeze it into a photo. This is a common complaint for me because cameras are dumb animals, humans can select what they look at but cameras can't. The common wisdom is to light a sculpture well, eliminate everything in the background that is not essential and thereby pretend that it does not exist in any kind of context outside itself. I see mess and randomness as a kind of truth, mind you I was surprised that in the gloom of this very dull day, the intelligence, personality and wry smile was sitting there for the camera.

So I'm a happy person today - now all I have to do is get the title right!!

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