Apr 20, 2012

slow art - studio as gallery

We've had a very busy Autumn with hoards of visitors to the Art Space and my studio. Even though the studio has been open to the public since 1999, it is only recently that I have realised the full implications of this and now suspect that experiencing sculpture in the studio may be more rewarding for the viewer than seeing the same work in any gallery situation. Some very strange things happen, conceptually - the public seems capable of imagining unfinished works as finished, and finished ones as displayed - even untouched lumps of marble lying around in the yard are imagined as finished works of art!

The old question of how long do people actually look at an individual artwork for, reputedly around 17 seconds, gets turned on its head in this new studio situation with averages well over the 5 minute mark. I think this partly due to the fact that people ask questions, conversations start quite freely and then wander off into all sorts of areas.


All this has got me thinking and I am now planning for what I think may be a very interesting proposition indeed. An artwork, I guess we should call it an installation, that is a period of time, it is perpetually changing, it is exhibited before, during and after it is made and involves public interaction at every moment of its existence.

More pictures of the open studio - http://tinyurl.com/6ljfg58

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