Jun 9, 2011

Working in the dark?

The story here - we're changing our gallery lighting and its made me think about how technology impacts on art. Sure the new lights are cheaper to run and the wizzbang beam shapers give my sculpture a new sparkle but........ you do find youself thinking that the new quality of light has changed them - stands to reason really.

And then I remembered one of most miserable experiences I've ever had, it was going to the Tate Modern hoping to see some some of the things I used to visit regularly at the real Tate when I was a student. They were all there but someone had killed them by using flat cold miserable even light. Gone were the warm glowing centres and vignetting effects on the edges of each work. The Tate Modern reminded me of some down at the heal regional department store.

So the art from any generation is made to work with the "light" of the time and similarly to be viewed in the spaces provided by the architects of each time. We've always known that new art works with new architecture but I'd never realised how much new architecture and new technology actually make it impossibe to experience the art of the past as it was intended.

If new lighting causes damage to the intention of the art, there's one thing a lot worse and that is forcing art into rediculous spaces. You know what I mean, a Monet Haystack or a 10x8 photograph in a room with a 7 meter high cieling!

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