May 9, 2011

Duck Duck Duck & more Duck

Images of our Dead Duck Dinner.

Carolyn's prize winning Wild duck terrine.

Duck rillets, by Marg - that's basically wild duck in Goose fat!

Duck "Bouillabaisse", Carolyn plating up, wild duck breasts to go on top

Anton's Roasted Quail inside a duck, inside a Teal, with truffles! All boned out of course!

Dennis' Rabbit Wraps.

If anyone thinks rabbit is a boring dry meat, I did 'til I tried these. Best rabbit I've ever eaten.

As some of you know we usually have what we call our "Dead Animal Dinner" at the end of the duck season but this year the hunters are off to Europe, so we had a much smaller event last Saturday for just the hunters and the cooks. For many dishes the hunters were the cooks!

Great food, nice wine and fabulous company. Who'd be artist eh - tough life - but you don't get anywhere if you don't suffer, isn't that one of those popular myths about artists? Well you'll be please to hear I did suffer, just a little bit, most likely from over eating.

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