Feb 28, 2011

Senator moves inside - Moore for free

I recently moved this 2005 sculpture, Senator 1, into the gallery, he'd been happily presiding over the water garden courtyard for the last couple of years; he's always been one of my favourites. He started out as a bit of a challenge, a chunk of Chillagoe marble with a hole already in it, you could call it a free 26 Million year old "ready made" Henry Moore if you are that way inclined.

The story of the "ready-made" artwork has intrigued me for quite some time, I've always liked ready-mades but the assertion that it was invented by Marcel Duchamp is one the many grand and arrogant perversions of truth that has been enshrined as fact in our history of art.

The Chinese had been using the ready made as art for at least 2000 years before Duchamp stumbled on it, they called them Scholar Rocks. The Koreans and the Japanese also caught the habit. Maybe I'm missing something because I also can't get excited by the idea that Captain Cook (or maybe a Dutchman) discovered Australia; I'm sure the people who were already here discovered it many thousands of years before!

The new sculpture is beginning to fall into place and it too has a 26 million year old hole or two in it! I guess the fascination with old holes come from knowing that the rock was once a coral reef that got cooked by a volcano, the holes were created by lava running through soft sections of the reef - evidence of the forces that created this place.

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