Dec 7, 2010

Hamilton wins Cowwarr Grand Prix

Brett Hamilton winning again

Ride-on Racing Lawn mowers is as far as my involvement with, and sponsorship of, motorsport goes! maybe a little unexpected for an artist but it appeals to my sense of the ridiculous, it is relatively cheap and because of this it is accessible to all.

But as with any motorsport there are RULES, pages and pages of them, why am I telling you this? Well the long and short of it was that young Brett Hamilton's brand new, made in Cowwarr, 110cc ride-on racing lawn mower was disqualified!!!!

Sad ending to a great day out

I could write pages and pages and quote reams of rules but I wont, instead I'll concentrate on something that has concerned me almost all of my life. It goes back to when I was a school kid and a teacher would set an assignment, I would read it very carefully and make a real effort to do a very good job but quite often I would get very poor marks because the teacher said I didn't answer the question. When I look back now I realise that the teacher was invariably wrong because they had failed to notice that there were often many reasonable interpretations of what they had set us to do. Of course the bad teacher thought their own interpretation was the "only right" one!!! This scenario is all too common, I'm sure we've all seen it and have probably suffered from it.

So it is with the rules of racing lawn mowers. Especially those rules that deal with ultra important issue of MOWER ELIGIBILITY. In a preamble to the rules there is section of "definitions" but none of the important parts of the vehicle are defined - at all!!! So in the key area of eligibility every rule is open to a multitude of very reasonable interpretations. The problem is that some people, just like the bad teachers, think there is only ever one right answer.

Some of the rules are impossible to adhere to so in the end they are nothing more than very vague guidelines. The sport relies primarily on goodwill from both organisers and participants.

Yep it even happens with Ride-on Racing Lawn Mowers

We were disqualified for infringing a rule that was not even written in the rules!

Link to photos of the race day!

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