Nov 7, 2010

Yes, but what does it mean?

The second Iris sculpture seems to have finally "turned the corner" and has started to say all the things I want to hear. No I wont explain it, I think that art should be able to stand on its own two feet and communicate it's content without the ubiquitous contemporary fad of companion text.

Lets put it this way - Art is a language in its own right, why try to translate it into another one?

Here's a video, I'll call it an opera, that by my way of thinking says many of the things that I try to say in my own work, it's just about being human without the stereotypical arts misery guts stuff at one end or corny schmaltz at the other.

I do have to add that I often find far more creativity in advertising than art.


  1. Words are my mother tongue, I understand them best, so I actually like it when there is a text accompanying an art work, it feels nice to think that there is a deeper meaning to a work other than the visual/aesthetic/associative meaning. But for sure you, as a visual artist, were brought up with a different language :) Anyway please treat Iris well.

  2. i - How would you feel if, as a writer, you had to supply an essay with your short story explaining it's deeper meaning!

    My rather reserved personality is suited to a visual art because I feel I can get my secrets off my chest without the whole world knowing what they may be.

    Sure - I'll treat Iris very well